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RE - QUOTE There is nothing Spycam about posed pics at Fantasy Festival UNQUOTE; OK, but the section is titled What I Spotted. Yes, once upon a time it was titled the Hidden cam section, but it has become too much of a legal risk for sites like naturist to publish a lot of the true hidden cam stuff you obviously want to see. I suggest that you contact your congressman and tell him/her that you want to go back to the Wild West days of the internet. By the way, are nude playa pics true voyeur? A few years ago I visited Haulover sand. I spent a lengthy time attempting to find a way to hide my camera in a spinned towel, but kept botching pictures. Eventually I just took out the camera and walked around asking nymphs for permission to take their pictures. Many said yes, which is no big surprise. After all, they are draping out naked on a public plage and therefore arent notably modest. Everyone assumes WIS nude playa pics were taken with a hidden camera, but I bet half are taken with the subjects utter skill. The subject may even be the cameramans GF or wifey. Can you tell the difference? Are they true Spycam just because the subject isnt looking at the camera?

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isn't she perfect? ...Even when I choose her to keep her clothes on (which is not often) I find the need to disrobe overtakes her but she is my lengthy suffering wifey of 54 years of age so why should she not do exactly what she wants when she wants!


A nice butt. The very first snow arrival is always so arousing. The flawless time to take a walk outside. I'm glad to share with you all Vwebbers our very first steps in the snow. Thanks for your comments in my prior contris and a dedicated one to Kate for his comments on my last one.