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Morning fuck on the beach

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That is there, unluckily for you my friends, it is the last sending of this splendid series which will pay to me can be a bounty of our friend Kate.... With briefly for fresh adventures with another beauty I would like to also exchange my pics with other youthfull couples of the entire world. If you are interested, thank you to leave me your email. I want to thank all the friends who sent messages of sympathy to me and statement to all the dorks which confuse the fuck-a-thon and the policy "d'aller se faire foutre en Iraq" and in more I tell them shit. One never-to-be-forgotten night with my darling. That all the dorks look at well, because they will see my jizz-shotgun in activity and that they will jiggle themselves in their toilets because I tell again shit to all these butt-holes. Thank you with all the team for voy-zone for your extreme site. I wished to say that I love America and Yankee whom I know well, because I have some family in the USA (my brutha in law) and I do the Marathon of NYC this year and I am always received like a bro in your country. Good luck with the war which await you. Your friend of France for always. God saves America, God bless you all.

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Sorry for skimpy lighting It's been a while since we have posted. We determined to get arty and attempt the black & milky mode on one of our cameras. These are the results, we hope you love them. Can't wait for your feedback!! Keep an eye out for part Two :)


what a bitch Thank you so much for all those supreme comments for my very first set on vw. I didn't get to reply to everyone but I had a lot of joy reading all the messages and I can't wait to read more!!! So many of you guys and dolls asked if I'd do some x-mas pics so I hope you all love. xoxo