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Just to begin with, Yes, the undies come off in the end!:) Someone left a comment on Nikki's last flick about answering the door naked in front of the pizza dude. Well, she happen to be getting assets painted and the artist was greedy and so were we. Very first Nikki ordered pizza. She was painted like a zebra and she answered the door and the skimpy man got startled and Nikki was a little jumpy too . Then the artist ordered Japanese food and another delivery man came. We got a shocked but glad response. Then to showcase her appreciation to all of you guys for all the positive comments she gives you a little bonus Undress Taunt showcasing a little more than she usually does! PS:Remember I said we created a monster?

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Yvonne 34 years Addysin Going Deep - Hi guys/gals! It's Addysin Day! Any way they can make it a national holiday? As you can see, she's got an itch... No, No, KIDDING! LOL Click the link top-right to see what she's indeed doing down there. And if it truly is an itch??? I want to scrape it! Hugz, Cherrie.


Exploring the ghost town *Gg Sexy Paula And Her Friend - Howdy ladies & gents Our names are Meggi and Paula. We loved your comments on our former contribution and this is our fresh one.We hope you like them. You can see more of us at our web site Smooches