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Nudist beach brings the best out of two hot teens

Howdy VW Friends.
Howdy again everyone Last month I was so dazed by the gigantic amount of comments left at my Two contri’s, that I think it will be hard to top last month contri’s. So I’m kinda jumpy for this one. I hope this contri will excite you as much (and hopefully even more) as last one. So as color for my attire I chose crimson, the color of passion!! Lol As promised I have more of my buns for you this time. I hope you like them! Last month I asked to leave an e-mailaddress, but in the meantime I have something much nicer. I commenced a Yahoo Group for all my supporters here on naturist that enables me to get in touch with your wishes and desires (the old maillist was not very handy so this will substitute it). So don’t leave behind to visit me! You can also find me on the naturist Forum where I will be browsing for your presence. Don’t be timid and please leave a comment! To accompany you on this contri I chose a lyric from a song that I find very voluptuous. Love and smooches xxx Comments on pics: Pic 1: Something for your mind, your bod and your soul... Pic 2: It's the power to thrill curiosity... Pic 3: The purpose.. The aim which one acts on... Pic 4: A journey of force, hot like the sun and moist like the rain... Pic 5: With medican movements in unison with others... For lengthy and acts of sensation with no boundaries or boundaries... Pic 6: Eternity is past... Wrong is right... Pic 7: It's the point of greatest energy. Joys of the highest sense... Feelings of warmth and security... Pic 8: Willing and unwilling sensations of the mind... A condition... Pic 9: The ultimate allurement. Pic 10: Love and smooches, Amber.

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Fucking on tabouret While in the middle of taking some pictures, Scout suggested to do our dishes. I of course had no problem with this, but I asked that instead of just doing the dishes, could she do the dishes and flash me her asshole at the same time. She said sure. Woo!


Please let hot comments. Just liking a day in the sun. We are truly getting tuned up for summer. I want that bronze look again so my photos will be as good as ever. Going down to Austin shortly for a photos shoot. Will post as shortly as we have the photos. Smooches to all, Heather.