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CHRISTINE--CLEANING THE Thicket Christine's pubic hair is much cleaner than my mind. It's not my fault. A year or so ago I caught an incurable disease called Kateitus, and ever since I break out in a sweat if I go one day sans accessing voy-zone Dot Spunk. Actually, I break out in a sweat even IF I access Voy.dot.cum. Anyhow, here are some bathroom shots of Christine's fat-free assets. She thinks that she keeps her assets trim and beautiful by eating no meat. Isn't that the silliest thing you ever heard of? Christine tells me that I should Hammer, not EAT the meat. We all know how necessary eating dead pigs, cows, and sheep is for maintainingthe health of the meat industry, no? Anyhow,Christine's right. It's supreme to hit the meat on the Mississippi mud. PP (Hey! I heard that! Same to you fellah. Listen, if I were standard would I be posting naked figures on the WWW?)

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Sexy Nymph from Russia For those who are following the adventures of my Roomie Catherine, here are a set of picture that her cousin took... Obviously she does not go out with her cousin but it was only for the purpose of having pic with guys.


Adorable chick with no butt ! I'm sharing some photos of a dear Mummy friend of mine. We've had some excellent & wild times together and I miss our adventures. Looking at these photos gives me a nice warm journey down Memory Lane. Positive comments will yield more photos...