Well, I believe I was 14 or 15….

I had heard some grown ups talking about nude beaches. I recall taking a look at pics on the net of nude beaches….
I ‘d never truly given being nude much believed, and my mother (dad too) had never told me that being naked/bare was bad and they let me do whatever as a small…

I have been attending clothes-optional pagan gatherings for

many years. While a couple of folks go bare all the time (and virtually everyone skinny dips in the pool), and also a large minority of women go topless, the vast majority of the people stay fully dressed. While nudity is taken at these events, the few full time nudists definitely stand out as a…

What is AANR / The American Association For Nude Recreation ?

What Exactly Is The American Association for Nude Recreation AANR:
It used to be called the American Sunbathing Association (ASA) up until 1995 when they switched the name.
AANR’s self proclaimed assignments is:
To recommend nudity and bare recreation in suitable settings while training and enlightening society of the value and enjoyment
The American…

I met my husband over 4 years past.

We have been married for more than a year and a half. Hes always been interested in nudism. Hes been practicing it for quite a couple of years compared to me.
I also had a few nude encounters while I was growing up, but I didnt really understand what nudism was at that point. I…